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Holistic Healthcare

Other services available within the Wellbeing Centre.

The services listed below are offered by fully trained individuals. Whilst they are not officially partnered with Cristina’s Wellbeing Chiropractic, we are very glad to have them sharing our clinic space. To book an appointment be sure to use the details listed on this page (you can not book using our online booking system).


with Antonina Mendola, PCCMH

Hypnotherapy has the potential to positively change unwanted habits, thoughts and behaviours. It works by tapping into your inner resources to effect beneficial change and stimulate the innate healing capacity of your own body.

AMendola Hypnotherapy specialises in working with the power of your own mind. This can result in profound effects creating a state of mental and physical relaxation which enables your subconscious to communicate with your conscious mind to access your inner potential.

Antonina specialises in confidence building, motivation and overcoming anxiety and fears. Helping people to conquer their unwanted habits and self-limitations. She works with individuals on a 1:1 basis using hypnotherapy and draws on a wide range of techniques including NLP. This includes devising and running “pattern breaking” programmes and accelerated learning for transformational change.

She has worked with people from all walks of life and has many years of experience in therapeutic, educational and development work with adults and children.

Antonina is a General Hypnotherapy Register registered practitioner, she is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and she is also a member of the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming.


with Catrin Rees, BSc RSHom

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine which uses specially prepared, highly diluted substances (given mainly in tablet form) with the aim of triggering the body’s own healing mechanisms. A homeopath will prescribe medicines according to the patient’s specific set of symptoms, and how they experience them, taking into account their overall level of health.

Homeopathy can be used to treat a range of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Some example are migraines, anxiety, depression, menopausal symtoms, recurrent infections, IBS and allergies.

Homeopathy is a safe and natural form of medicine which focuses on the individual as a whole.

Catrin obtained her Diploma & Licentiate from The Welsh School of Homeopathy in 2015. She is a registered member of The Society of Homeopaths (RSHom) which means she has met the required standards of education, is fully insured and abides by the Society’s Code of Ethics and Practice.


with Rhysian Pengilley, MAR CNHC

Reflexology is a gentle complementary therapy that aims to help the body balance itself, so as to encourage self-healing. It involves working reflex points on the feet or hands, mapped to corresponding areas or organs of the body. Reflexologists work these points to encourage a positive energetic effect on the body and mind.

Many find the “hands on” nature of reflexology relaxing and that it helps ease tension, also that it can lift mood, aid sleep and promote a sense of well-being. People often report other benefits, such as easing of pain and stiffness, improved energy levels, relief of digestive problems and reduced inflammation.

Reflexology complements and works alongside conventional medicine to support good health. The approach is holistic, taking into account the whole person, physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects. Reflexology recognises that all parts of the body impact on each other, that mind and body are connected, that every person is unique and that any health care needs to be tailored to the individual.

Rhysian trained at the West Shires School of Complementary Health in Carmarthen, achieving a Distinction in the QCF Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology, awarded by VTCT, which includes an anatomy and physiology qualification.

Rhysian holds full membership of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR), which means she holds a recognised reflexology qualification, is fully insured, undertakes continuing professional development and abides by the AoR’s comprehensive Code of Practice

She is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, which incorporates the Professional Standards Authority accreditation mark and provides an independent indication of quality to those wishing to use complementary therapy services.

Rhysian is a Welsh speaker and happy to converse in Welsh should this be preferable to you. Mae Rhysian yn siarad Cymraeg ac yn hapus i sgwrsio yn Gymraeg pe bai hyn yn well i chi.